Holiday Baking And Wine Pairings – Favorite Holiday Cookies

There are few vacation traditions as sweet as baking a resolution of treats to share with household and friends. This is specifically actual for the California winemaking household the Mondavis as it is for households across America. As the season begins, Janice Mondavi, wife of third-generation CK Mondavi and Family co-proprietor Marc Mondavi and their four daughters, Angelina, Alycia, Riana and Giovanna, constantly set apart time to acquire for an afternoon of excursion baking.

Their Grandma Rosa was an splendid cook, and the subculture continues thru the generations. It should surprise no one that in this household, as a substitute of the basic mixture of cookies and milk, the Mondavis pair their cookies with wine.

“Enjoying a wine with dessert is common, so why now not include excursion treats?” says Janice Mondavi. “The key is to in shape the sweetness of the cookie, bar or brownie with the right wine, so the sugars and flavors do not crush every other.”

Here are some guidelines for classic holiday baking treats with wine pairings from the Mondavi family.

Snickerdoodles and Sauvignon Blanc

A traditional excursion cookie, Snickerdoodles get their unmistakable soft, chewy texture and tangy taste from cream of tartar. The cinnamon sugar topping provides sweetness and a little heat. Refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, with its refined aromas of lemon and kiwi and notes of savory herbs, flawlessly complements these sweet-tart cookies.

Jam thumbprint cookies and Merlot

Fruit flavors make jam thumbprints and Merlot a delicious pair. Merlot is plush, with recommendations of cherries, plums and oak. The gentle fruity end enhances the flavor of strawberry, raspberry and lingonberry jam, whilst the buttery dough is a fit for the silky clean wine.

Lemon bars and Chardonnay

A bright Chardonnay enhances the zesty, tangy sweetness of a lemon bar. Medium-bodied, with hint of sweet spice, citrusy Chardonnay meets the cookie in a mouthwatering in shape made in vineyard heaven.

Chocolate Chip Biscotti with Red Blend

Wine and cheese are scrumptious together, but wine and a contact of chocolate? Extraordinary. However, now not all purple wines pair with chocolate. A full-bodied, fruity crimson wine boosts the flavor of candy biscotti with chocolate chips. The CK Mondavi and Family Red Blend, combining the finesse of Merlot, the shape of Cabernet Sauvignon and the boldness of Malbec, with flavors of black cherries and plums, is the ideal choice.

Sugar cookies and Pinot Grigio

This versatile vacation cookie can take many forms, from a easy sugar cookie to a frosted, decorated masterpiece. The severe sweetness of a sugar cookie wants a mild to medium-bodied partner, like Pinot Grigio, with its aromas of wildflowers, peaches and pears, plus a contact of spice and vivid acidity.

Almond Biscotti with Cabernet Sauvignon

Buttery almond biscotti can stand up to a full-bodied, powerful pairing. Deep, wealthy Cabernet Sauvignon filled with cherry and blackberry flavors, a hint of oak and a long velvety finish is the ideal accompaniment.

The vacation baking tradition is a time for family, buddies and festivity in the Mondavi family and families nationwide, and the ideal wine pairings enhance the entire experience. So, when you’re unique friends and household for the vacations this year, convey out a plate of cookies and a resolution of wines to experience a new variety of holiday treat.

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