Learn About Recommended Cancer Screenings – Act Now

Learn About Recommended Cancer Screenings – Act Now

Cancer Screen Week is a public fitness initiative launched in 2017 via Genentech, the American Cancer Society, Stand Up To Cancer and Rally Health to bring up public attention and foster perception of the potentially lifesaving benefits of most cancers screening. This year’s nationwide initiative runs from December 3 via December 7, 2018.

Almost 610,000 people are expected to die from most cancers in 2018.1 According to the American Cancer Society, cancer screening will increase the probabilities of catching sure cancers early, when they are most probably to be dealt with successfully,2 and in the case of cervical and colorectal cancer, can even assist prevent pre-cancerous modifications from turning into cancer.1

Screening fees for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer in advocated populations have both end up stagnant or declined in latest years (2010-2015), lagging at the back of the “Healthy People 2020” desires set through the federal government.3

Visit www.CancerScreenWeek.org to locate out extra about the initiatives, and generally talk to your health practitioner about what screening choices may also be proper for you. Spread the phrase about Cancer Screen Week and be a part of the collective effort to keep greater lives from cancer.

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